Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This one is for the dreamers, rockstars, groupies, sage burners, crystal visionaries, grass smokers + free birds. 
If rock n roll is in your blood stream - this badass tee was made for you. We're talkin' about the lates and greats - Dylan, Hendrix, Zepplin, Cash, The Beatles. We're talkin' about Woodstock 1969. This is a shirt made to be worn with the music. On stage, back-stage or front row. Shredding the electric or making out with the drummer. It's listening to your favorite record on repeat, burning a candle + dancing around in your favorite studded knickers. It's music and freedom and happiness flowing out your pours. 
It's rock + roll baby.

Sold My Soul studded boyfriend tank /// Sugarhigh + Lovestoned
studded Stevie Knickers /// Sugarhigh + Lovestoned
bead+leather medicine bag /// Heyoka Leather
amber scented candle /// Valuspa
sunnies /// Ray-Ban

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  1. loving everything about it! i like the top the best xo


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