Monday, August 11, 2014

Trip The Light Fantastic.

Meet Falcon and Julie, the two newest member of our Mushroom Cult.

Shot in a flat in Austin, we get a candid glimpse into
the psychedelic daydreams of what
happens on those steamy Texas late afternoons.

Wander in for groupie-worthy tees, bed-head velvets & enviable metal pieces sure 
to get you in a foxy mood. So go ahead, light some incense and put the needle on the 
record. We've got your number.

////////// credits //////////

lens & styling
Lindsey Lee | instagram~ @Lsquaared

summer foxes
Falcon | instagram~ @Falconpottshickey
Julie | instagram~ @theJulieMarie

light my fire mini-bic neckpieces:
Strong Medicine | instagram~ @StrongMedicineStudio

all other metal by:
Ax + Apple | instagram~ @AxandApple

Psychedelic Research Department crop tee & 
 the Lovestoned, Love is the Drug slouchy tee are SOLD OUT on our site, but are 
still available from the Aussie Babes at Gyspy Stone

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