Tuesday, March 28, 2017


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Spring is FINALLY here and so are hazey sunny days, picnics, brunch outside and longer days. Allergies may be booming, but the wild flowers are blooming.

Kate pictured here in our Woody Wide Leg Pant

Model: Kate Parfet / @kateparfet

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Friday, March 24, 2017

SXSW ~ Sound Check with Nicole Atkins

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We met Nicole by pure chance. It was one of those comments that caught our eye and we just happened to peep her feed. Turns out this girl can sing! And we mean like, from the depths of her soul sing....

We sent her a jacket and a few other things. She messaged us as soon as she got her box, and ended up wearing the Stardust Coveralls the entire week in Austin. Nicole played in little bars, on intimate stages & even on front porches.... This is our kind of real.

This is a little glimpse of Nicole Atkins rocking the Stardust Coveralls before one of her performances at SXSW. Story has it, the band is actually now thinking of changing their name to Nicole Atkins & The Cosmos. We couldn't be more stoked!

Make sure and check out some pieces in the shop that are perfect for any music festival, or if music festivals aren't your thing...we have something for all of you wallflowers too :)

Need to hear her sound? Cuz, it will touch your soul....
Check out her incredible footage below from SXSW back in 2007.
We're hooked.

Photos: Stefanie Vinsel /@stefannagram / www.stefanievee.com


Thursday, March 23, 2017


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Spring is in the air! We've been really drawn to the Pacific Northwest charm of Portland lately. Maybe it's all the vintage shops & coffee spots. Maybe its because everyone listens to records and appreciates a dark beer. Or maybe it's because everyone there is just the perfect amount of weird.
Whatever the case, we dig it.

Shot in Portland, on one of those rare, pre-spring Sunny daze.....

Photographer: Marina Choy http://www.makingchoyces.com/
Models: Iona Catherine Small and Molly :)

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


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Hello, hello!
My name is Tonya and I am a fashion blogger in Portland, OR and I am interning for Sugarhigh Lovestoned! I'm super excited to take over the blog for a bit and share with you some great collaborations, inspirations, and good vibrations!
Just a little intro about me, like I said...I am a fashion blogger and have been blogging since 2011. My blog name and nickname, The Moptop, came from my love for The Beatles and my messy hair. 6 years later, not much has changed! 
Anyways, I look forward to sharing more with you guys soon!


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