Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Kharma Bums

The Kharma Bums.
Welcome to the dollhouse.....whether you drink kombucha on tap, or sip diet cokes thru a straw- you're one of us. All we ask is that you leave your worries at the gate, you can pick them up on your way out. Channel your inner lonely poet, your lovestoned-love maker, your sweet-toothed sugar mama and get on the bus, Gus. It's going to be one wild summer, make sure your ready for your own rock'n'roll fantasy in our Summer velvets because they were made for steaming up the windows of the back seat.
May your summer be filled with stolen glances, wet french kisses, starry nights & hazy summer daze.....
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photography~ Andy Wauman,
styling, editing & art direction~ Ginny Slim, @ginnyslim
stone cold foxes~ Molly Bennet & Jazmin Repollo
videography, photo assistant & editing~ Reece Pottorff
vintage seventies denim provided by Maui-vintage hoarder Lisa of The Station Boutique in Haiku
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