Sunday, June 26, 2011

.:. G O L D E N .:. S T A T E .:. O F .:. M I N D .:.

. S U G A R H I G H + L O V E S T O N E D . F A L L / H O L I D A Y . 2 0 1 1 . 

Photography by Tamara Lichtenstien
Styled by: Chloe Chippendale
Models: Lauryn Holmquist, Joshua Bates + Chance Welton

crystal bracelet: Vega
thunderbird ring: Alkemie
crystal/leather necklace: Torchlight Jewelry

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

:::: R O L L I N :: S T O N E R ::::

here are just a few of the inspirations behind our ROLLIN' STONER tee.... it's about kickin back in the grass with your lover on a hot summer's day, making-out + watching clouds turn into unicorns. it's about ditching your high school prom and hot-boxing your parent's car. it's about sharing a spliff with 100 strangers in the crowd at a rock concert. it's about being a dedicated fan + always making it to the front row. it's about listening to your mom + dad's old record collection and realizing that they were once just like you. it's about opening your mind to the infinite possibilities of the universe and thinking about how crazy it is to be here. it's about peace, love + experiencing the beauty in every moment. and above all, it's about rock + roll.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

.:. E L E C T R I C .:. S U M M E R .:. M I X T A P E .:.

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Summer is here and we're so excited to join our feather haired, skinny dipping, crystal swinging, festival friends for some epic summer roadtrippin'! We're packin up the Sunshine bus with body-paints, hula-hoops, glowsticks, festival tickets, spirit hoods, road sodas, best-friends, lovers + mix tapes. The Sugarhigh + Lovestoned Electric Summer Mixtape includes some of our favorite summer jams that will take you from the open road to that epic party in the desert. Enjoy the ride!!


Monday, June 20, 2011

<<::<< HIPPIE .:. FLIPPIN >>::>>



HIPPIE FLIP! Give it a try, you'll know what I mean! The experience of inner love. The rush of the colors. The warmth surrounding your body. Its just...a beautiful experience. This was the inspiration behind our Hippie Flippin tee. A little bit rock & roll with a whole lotta love going on.

Friday, June 17, 2011


tami + i had a killer time at the Design for Humanity party in LA last wednesday.... surf, art, fashion + Edward Sharpe. doesn't get more bitchin than that! as usual, we pushed and shoved our way to very front where we sang, danced + made googley eyes at the band babes. Here are a few pics from our groupie perspective through the plastic lens of a disposable camera. enjoy!!

.:. M A K E .:. O U T .:. N O T .:. W A R .:.

Photograph by Ashley Camper
Models: Chance Welton + Jordan Payne 
Art Direction/Styling: Chloe Chippendale

A couple spray painted cap guns, a sixer of modelo, a few close friends + one badass photographer turned this project into a kickass collaboration + our best-selling tee.  In the name of fashion, we were able to convince Chloe's lover in crime Chance + our little foxy free-spirited friend Jordan to give us their best kiss for our MAKE OUT NOT WAR t-shirt graphic. After about 8 outtakes of awkward moments + busting-up with laughter, we finally got the shot. Cheers to a funny night that turned into a great t-shirt. 
Hugs + french kisses to all of yew  

Thursday, June 16, 2011


for those of us who were there that night - i think we could all feel it in the air.
a dose of electricity so potent, you could almost taste it.
just wanted to pay homage to a night of greatness. it was a day of minivans&techno, happy accidents, the best group of unusual suspects we could possibly stumble upon......and one    a m a z i n g    sunset.
that being said, we'd like to make a toast, to the dream team.


We are so stoked to announce that SUGARHIGH + LOVESTONED has found a permanent home in L.A. at 
THE PARK SHOWROOM!!!!! If you are a buyer and would like to check out our FALL/HOLIDAY 2011 collection please stop in and say high! You may also contact our super rad showroom rep. Kristen Aguilera if you have any questions or would like to place an order:) 

843 s. los angeles st. suite 200
los angeles, ca 90014
Kristen Aguilera:
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