Friday, January 29, 2010

vans and the places where they were

Gypsy. Near downtown, Los Angeles, Spring 2006.
Black Econoline with Blue Mural (and thunderbird window!!)
Castro District, San Francisco CA. Summer 1997.
Tradesman with Candy Paint Stripes.
Hollywood, CA. Winter 2009.
Brown VanDura with Tan Stripes.
Campground in Deming, NM. Winter 2009

At first glance, we completely fell in love with these van pics, imagining & creating in our minds who the drivers of these rusty masterpieces may be. Of course we picture super awesome band boys with their skinny jeans, their worn out second-hand guitars and their cigarettes......we can only dream.
photos by the famous Joe Stevens, only one of his many mulit-faceted talents.
love it.
check it out for yourself:
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