Friday, September 9, 2011

.:. H I G H .:. S P I R I T S .:.

Pirate ships, fuzzy hoods, body paint, fringe, glitter + dust... that's what dreams are made of, and BURNING MAN is where they all come true. With our SPIRIT HOODS up and our Sugarhigh + Lovestoned vibes rollin high, Chance and I took to the playa for a dusty sunset makeout sess before burning down the man. We were stoked but not totally shocked to find ourselves among hundreds of other Spirit Hood junkies keeping there paws warm through the arctic playa nights to feel the warm rainbow glow of the sunrise. 


  1. i fucking miss you too awesome spirits <3

  2. Feeling your blog and images. Just Great!

  3. you guys look awsome!!! so jelly i didnt go :(


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