Thursday, March 28, 2013


It's spring in the Northwest. Today it poured rain (I'm talking torrential down pouring) when I stepped off the bus. I missed the crosswalk and I had to stand on the corner with the wind fiercely colliding with building faces and slamming raindrops into my face....for two minutes. I scurried as fast as I could to make it around the corner of the next building and hopefully into relief, only to be met with a backwind that sprayed my hair upwards and chilled me down to the bone. In thirty minutes it was sunny and calm. Still a bite in the air, but sunny and calm. I took this opportunity to dash to the cafe for my short latte, perfectly topped with the most creamy striations of caramel tan + white forming a heart. I smiled at it's perfection. I stepped back out into the city streets. Only now, it's hailing.
Naturally I've been dreaming of my days on the white sand beaches of Maui. Those long strolls down Baldwin beach. Just turquoise, blues, and white as far as I can see. Passing by the parking lot the local boys have their pick-up trucks pulled up to the sands edge, reggae spilling out of the open windows, beer bottles clinking as they pass them out to their friends. There is a misty rain that passes overhead, but it feels good. And it's accompanied wind only brings rainbows. Oh I am dreaming of the sand + sun.
I stumbled across this band yesterday and I think it's the essence of that island vibe that I really connected with. It transported me, for a moment, to my island days. Nowhere to go. Nowhere to be. Wild Belle is brother+sister duo Elliot and Natalie Bergman from the Chicago area. I might as well state the obvious, that this family has some damn good genes. While easy on the eyes, their sound is equally easy on the ears. I find myself almost annoyed with how much this song has stuck with me. Annoyed in the best sense. Why the fuck is this song so catchy? They have serious potential and are hitting the road to prove it, promoting their new album "Isles", out now.
Catch them at Coachella this year.
Or do some digging on their website >>-------->

"It's Too Late"

"Keep You"

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