Thursday, March 14, 2013


Okay, it's high time I introduce you all to one of my very favorite male artists from this past year: Kurt Vile. Almost every day that I head to work, I pop on my head phones as I cruise to the bus stop. My artist of choice to listen to while I zip through the city streets is almost always Kurt Vile. I cannot get enough of his last album "Smoke Ring for My Halo". It's been on repeat since it's release in March of last year. I'm not even tired of it yet, but the notion that he has another album on the way has me all a twitter. Vile has a knack for putting just the right spin on classic guitar/singer songwriter. There is a magic about what he does. I won't attempt to describe what it is that I mean. It is something that simply must be experienced. The new album, "Walkin' on a Pretty Daze" will be released April 8th via Matador Records. Now you are in the know. And it is oh so good. 

First Release "Wakin' on a Pretty Day" ⋙⋙⋙ 

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