Wednesday, July 25, 2012


photographer: Amanda Smith
edited by Bruno Borges of Penabranca
models: Skye Sengelmann, Sarah Peinado, Chance Welton + Brandon Anderson
styled + directed by Chloe Chippendale + Tami Snodgrass
leather jewelry + moccasins by Heyoka Leather
crystal necklace by Torchlight

As long time fans + followers of Penabranca, we have spent hours upon hours scrolling through his tumblr + escaping into his dreamy psychedelic world of love+light. So, it comes to no surprise that we would find an excuse to collaborate with him as soon as possible. Since our Summer lookbook was largely inspired by some of our own spiritual + psychedelic trips, we asked him to add his magic touch to a few of the pics so we could share this mind blowing + heart opening world with y'all ♥

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  1. This is sooo sweet!! I love his tumblr too; you guys are a perfect match! Im sharing this on my blog :)


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