Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 I don't know about you, but it seems pretty twisted that you can be fined + locked away for walking the earth in your born-free nakedness. We prefer to follow the laws of mother nature instead  There's something about swiming in the ocean, running through the woods, dancing in the rain + soaking up the sun in nothing but your own skin... a grounding experience to say the least. Who's rules do you follow?

Soft as your favorite vintage tee and loved liked your ex-boyfriend's blue-jeans, this lawfull studded tank says it all...
 peace, love + nudity in the community ♥
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via: Born to be Wild, Ryan Mcginley, tumblr


  1. All of the people in these photos look so liberated and free! I have two boys and they have grown up with me showing that there is nothing wrong with loving the skin they/we are in. There are no closed doors in my house. Wonderful post!

  2. you gotta give all these photos credit!! i see that ryan has a tiny credit but who are all the other beautiful pictures by?

  3. Hah! 7th image down are my friends! If you're interested, it was taken for her band. More images are here:

    Love scrolling through your blog. Such beauty, keep it coming.

    LENNI x


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