Tuesday, February 12, 2013


 Just a little inspiration behind our Velvet Hendrix Blazer + Backstage Bells!
Now is when you get that itch, that warm tingly under the skin urge to fall in love, 
or fall even more deeply in love than you already are.
It's when you find yourself digging thru the vinyl thinking, i just wanna roll around under the covers to Castles Made of Sand by our man of the hour, Mr. Jimi Hendrix.
Let the music set you free.....
Make this Valentine's Day one to remember, and by that we mean wear velvet.
Velvet carries with it an attitude of old love, new love, and free love. 
Wrap yourself up in our Hendrix Blazer, pour yourself into our Hendrix Bells or slip on our matching velvety panty & bralet for a staying-in, off the radar, turn your phone on silent kind of night. 
Take 25% OFF all of our velvets between now and Valentines Day with
code: velvet-underground


  1. Such beautiful images and words; I love the way you write. x

  2. Love how you perfectly describe the way velvet makes me feel like a rock star :) and love the blazer!
    MacK @ SoulMakes Blog


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