Thursday, January 31, 2013


Father John Misty, Josh Tillman, J. Tillman, or the former drummer for the Fleet Foxes. Call him whatever you want. I call him 'genius'. Tillman released his album fear fun in may of last year. A drummer for Fleet Foxes since 2008, Tillman left the band in 2011 and is now exploring things on this musical journey, solo. Singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer...not only does he do all those things, he does them very well. His voice has a timelessness about it. It's comforting, like an old friend. Something you feel you have known for a long time but yet manages to sound fresh. And seeing him perform live has completely blown my mind. His voice was on point: the man can sing! His powerful and smooth vocals were mixed with theatrical hand gestures and movements, hip swinging, tambourine shaking, dropping to the stage on his knees in a dramatic sudden motion, and then pausing to swill wine from the bottle. On top of all that, the man is witty, sarcastic, and comical. Pausing to comment on the window art of the venue, he described the Greek god of the ocean as "Jesus riding a dolphin" and attributing it to the legacy he left when he used to live in Seattle's u-district. It was everything that a live show should be, right down to the final note. Get to know this man, because he is going to be a fixture in the music scene for a while to come.
For more information, mp3 downloads, tour dates, and links to articles + videos, check out sub pop records. 
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