Wednesday, August 1, 2012


This is the second installment of our band-of-horses summer editorials.
Shot in Brooklyn. Took the L Train into Williamsburg, and shot out front of the old-now condemned 
Secret Project Robot building >>-------------> once home to some "beautiful losers", indie rock shows, and crazy art parties- the history here was powerful.

Urban bohemians, rock+babes, mid-town wanderers, fire-escape dwellers and metropolitan rebels.
It is to you we call upon to wear a little fringe and let your long skirts get whipped around in the underground wind-tunnels. Let's stir things up!
Brooklyn, we love you.

⩓  photographer: Sydney/Brooklyn shuffler, Geoffrey Chuah //
⩓  model: Queensland Native, Anna Therese Pembroke // 
⩓  styling: Tami Snodgrass (Charmed, I'm Sure) // designer for Sugarhigh+Lovestoned 
⩓  clothing:  hi-lo tie dye skirt / hi-lo black skirt / festival fringe mini / indigo nation cropped tie dye tank
                  arrowhead fringed tank >>------------------> Sugarhigh+Lovestoned Late Summer collection

                  collection is dropping into stores THIS FRIDAY! (August 6th)
where to by: indigo nation cropped tank: Planet Blue
                  hi low skirt / tie dye: Feather Junkie
                  hi low skirt / black: Feather Junkie
                  festival fringed mini: Shangri-la Boutique (605) 348-8100 
                  arrowhead fringed tank:

styled with a vintage baby pink Stevie Nicks 1983 concert tank, Luv AJ necklace, American Apparel high-waisted bikini bottoms, and Minnetonka Moccasin booties.


  1. absolutely gorgeoussssss<3

  2. awesome dude. love the arrowhead tank.

  3. Wonderful photos!! Love the outfits and the model is cool :)

  4. love all the outfits.. esp ones that feature minnetonkas <3

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