Monday, January 2, 2012


We are always open to working with new photogs - especially when they shoot on film.
Introducing Amanda Smith: a self-taught city-dwelling hippie badass, born + raised in Houston TX.
She shoots with an Olympus OM-1 from the 1960s with a remote trigger + experiments with old film processing techniques + prism filters. We started out with some early morning bloody mary's and a few good records - fleetwood mac, the flying burrito brothers, creedance + bob dylan to get us in the mood. Our model Skye Sengelmann, a pole-dancing, hippie love child, from hawaii took over the shoot, rocked out + flashed us just enough nip to keep you wanting more. We shot until dusk and called it a wrap.

Photog: △manda Smith
Models: Jessica Smith + Skye Sengelmann
Styled/Produced: Tami Snodgrass with Sarah Baker
Hair/Make-up: Sophia Sandoval


  1. What an amazing shoot. I love the lighting, the location the styling and it doesn't hurt that your model looks like my style muse Chloe Sevigny. I'm always looking forward to more from SH+LS! Rock On!!

  2. Ah absolutely all of these photos are stunning!! You got a lil Sevigny lookalike there!

  3. yes!! a perfect mix between chloe + stevie nicks! xo

  4. Whoever took these is a genius.


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