Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sugarhigh + Lovestoned Giveaway!!!!
Ok, here's the lowdown...
Choose your top three favorite pcs. 
rate them from 1 to 3. 
(1 being your most favorite.) 
Tell us where you'd where it: Will you be dancing on the hood of your boyfriends van at an October bonfire at the beach? Will you be sneaking backstage to a concert at your favorite venue? You tell us :)
We'll pick the winner and +POOF+ your favorite piece is yours!!!!

                              .:. VEST .:.                                                        .:. STUDDED FRONT PANTY.:.

                     .:. STUDDED MINI .:.                                             .:. STUDDED BACK BRALET .:.

           .:. SOLD MY SOUL, STUDDED.:.                              .:. ROLLIN STONER, STUDDED.:.

          .:. ROLLIN STONER, CROPPED.:.                         .:. MAKE OUT NOT WAR, STUDDED.:.

    .:. HIPPIE FLIPPIN, UNISEX TEE .:.                                  .:. HIPPIE FLIPPIN, CROPPED TEE.:.
             .:. ASS, CASH OR GRASS TANK .:.                         .:. QUIT BITCHIN SLOUCHY TEE .:.


  1. none of the pictures came up :( otherwise id totally vote!

  2. 1 Rollin Stoner, cropped. I'd wear it EVERYWHERE, everyday. I'm completely obsessed with this shirt, it feels like it was made for me. So thank you!

    2 Hippie Flippin, cropped. I'd be wearing this while hippie flippin at my best friend's gorgeous cabin, of course ;)

    3 Studded Mini. I imagine myself wearing this on a hot summer night, glistening from the heat (girls don't sweat, we glisten)with a loose crop top shirt and my feet in the dirt dancing to a Maria Maria-like song. Mmm yeah, that sounds good

  3. i really love ALL of them! but since you're makin' me choooose...

    1 rollin' stoner cropped. ever since i first saw it in the lookbook ive been wanting it!! i would wear it all the damn time, anywhere and everywhere!

    2 studded mini. i would wear this to all the concerts coming up this fall. mini skirts are the best accessory for me ;D

    3 hippie flippin unisex tee. i'd wear it whenever i wanna be casual!

    seriously this was so difficult because i would wear all of these all the time if i owned em!


  4. 1. Studded Mini~!!! I'd wear it to an Los Angeles rooftop dinner with tea~lights...On a warm summer night with my love~

    2. Studded back bra~let~ I would totally wear this on an adventure hike in the Malibu canyons, dancing around in it under~neath a beautiful water~fall!!!

    3. The rollin stoner~ Just because its cute casual & perfect for a backyard smoke~sesh under the stars!

  5. 1) rollin stoner studded- fell in love with this top immediately and would wear it EVERYWHERE, maybe even in the shower

    2) studded back bralet, i would wear it to festivals on holiday. totally love the under over wear look right now so would make good use of this piece

    3) the vest, i love the retro feel and would wear this out with my friends singing along (loudly) to my favourite 70's tunes!

    but please feel free to send me aaaaaaaany! ;)

  6. 1) .:. SOLD MY SOUL, STUDDED.:.
    - Wear this one with a cute tight mini skirt ( ;) hehe ) or cutoff shorts to the Treasure Island Music Festival in October!! Dance and groove to Empire of the Sun & the Naked and Famous because I'm young happy and free :) What says 'I'm ready to have a good time at this music festival!' than having SOLD MY SOUL TO ROCK 'N' ROLL across my chest!! ;) ;) ;)

    2).:. ASS, CASH OR GRASS .:.
    -LOVE this because it has the ASS CASH OR GRASS LOGO!! duhh..the one that started it all!! I would wear this to lay down in iconic Dolores Park in San Francisco while people play guitar, play frisbee with their dogs and have drum circles that can be heard throughout San Francisco! <3

    3) .:. STUDDED MINI .:.
    - simply because every girl needs one of these. wear this to pieces because this studded mini deserves it!!! <3 <3 <3

  7. *1 STUDDED MINI - ive had my eye on this baby for long time now :) i plan to wear it to the grocery store, in my studio, to the beach and to events. um, i cant think of where not to wear it!

    *2 STUDDED FRONT PANTY - im gonna wear as a bathing suit, on my deck drinking smith and wessons with the girls untill sunset, then going throw on the studded skirt and a tee to carry on into the dark hours!

    *3 STUDDED BRALET - im going to wear this as a bathing suit top, with a long skirt in the studio, with a drapy sleveless top and jeans for bbqs and holiday partys!

  8. 1. Rollin' Stoner Cropped - because its fricken sexy! I'd wear it out for a dance with a hot little mini and also for a while in bed on those cool fall nights before my lover makes sure I'm wearing nothing at all ;)

    2. Sold My Soul Studded - umm, yes please! I'd wear it to Harvest Festival in Ozark, Arkansas this October 13-16th!!!! And of COURSE I would be sneaking back stage if I had to ;) , to meet all my favs <3!!!

    3. Hippie Flippin'Cropped - because I remember the first festival I ever went to; I hippie flipped...and my life was changed from there on! I'd wear it with wide eyes and big ol smile from ear to ear for the rest of my life!

  9. mmm and I really like the Quit your bitchin...but it wasn't a choice ;)

  10. Uno. "Make out not war" studded... I'd wear that and nothing else... waiting for my lover to get home. or waiting for him to crawl back in our tent next to a crackling fire when we camp out in Lahaina right off the road by mile marker 17!! Then wake up and snorkel just throwing on my studded panties!! <3

    Dos~ That sexy Studded VEST... I'd slap that baby on with effing everything... especially on stage while I sing and strum my guitar or mandolin. Eat your heart out Janis!!!

    Tres~ Rollin Stoner cropped... Oh my- this tee kicks ass!! I'd wear it with my cut-offs while trimming some lovely greens!!!! Contributing to the already splendid energy that will be circulating in the air those days!! Gotta bless the flowers then they bless you...

    P.S. I gotta agree I would rock the shit outta the Stop Bitchin' Start a Revolution!!!!! I would LOVe to vote in that number!!! Or breastfeed my little mermaid in public with it (hooray for boobies)!!! Or go to a gay pride march and inspire power for all people, or sport it to a 420 celebration of life...STICK IT TO THE MAN!!!!


  11. 1>>Make Out, Studded- I'd wear this tank out to the bars on the south side and hope by the end of the night there will be less fights and more making out!! ((I would have a hard time wearing anything else once I get this tank!!))

    2>>Black Studded Mini- I'd wear this out to dinnah at a sushi bar with my lovah. I'm sure we'll be making our own spicy tuna roll by the end of the night! Haha! I would also show off this hot lil' mini at (the few) rock shows on island.

    3>>Ass, Cash or Grass- I'd wear this to a biker party at the VFW to show that I'm down for a good time ;) I can also see myself wearing this over my suit at the beach and hiking through Iao or Hana.

  12. OK GIRLS!! we listened and added the Quit Bitchin tee!!!

    Bre Ann - we just added the Quit Bitchin, come on back and vote!!!

    Davielle - would you like this to be considered as your #1 choice?

  13. 1.ass,cash or grass tank studded back bralet studded mini skirt

    I am truly in love with your whole collection,ideas,love & design.•*~
    I would be happy to wear anywhere/anytime that is what's so classic about your style..!
    I would wear this tank with bralet under with tight turquoise skinny jeans to the Flaming Lips show that my husband and I will be filming in 3D baby,oh yeah!
    Peace and love lady's.•*~

  14. 1. Ass, cash or grass tee
    2. vest
    3. studded mini

    c'mon sisters...they would be strewn all over the apartment of the baddest, hottest dude at the party...after an epic night...xoxox

  15. 1.Studded mini
    2. Vest
    3. Black studded beaker
    I'd wear it at my very first Austin city limits concert with my chicas (=

  16. 1) Ass, cash or grass tee- love this! i would wear this all the time, when Im meandering though the streets or leisurely taking a stroll on my longboard, and would permanently dub this as my motto!

    2) Sold My Soul tee- so edgy and rock 'n roll, i love the feathers incorporated so it almost looks like a dream catcher, keeping it nature based and the record adds soul! would definitely pair this with a fitted leather jacket ready to rage and get faded at my favorite venue!

    3) Studded mini- Id rock this mini at the office, at the beach, and during the nightlife- so cute, so accessible!

  17. 1)Vest- I'm completely in love with it so i think I would wear it pretty much everywhere.
    2)Studded Mini- This would be perfect for a concert
    3)Rollin Stoner Cropped-I'd wear it downtown to go shopping

  18. 1. Vest- I would wear this cute little number to my friend's concerts in sketchy packed-to-capacity-and-then-some venues, the bars afterwards, and hell, class the next morning :)

    2. Ass, cash, or grass tank for when I am lounging with friends and/or partaking in any of the three said activities.

    3. Studded mini skirt as part of my "layer everything" plan this winter. It would be perfect for winter nights out in Park City and the Sundance Film Festival parties.

  19. 1- MAKE OUT, NOT WAR STUDDED. I would wear this tank cruising Paia for some shopping and a Baldwin beach day. Paired with my favorite cutoffs, my Von Zippers, and some Vega pieces. And considering its Maui, this tank should be worn braless or with a bikini - too cute either way! I could wear this tank to the Treasure Island music festival (and the night shows!) when I'm here in San Francisco, and when I'm biking on my cruiser down the beach and up State street when I'm in Santa Barbara. This tank would be PERFECT for showing of my new tattoo on my ribs. If this tank we're mine (and I have been wishing it was since the first time I saw it), I would wear it til all the studs fell off - and then re-stud it again ;).

    2- ASS, CASH, OR GRASS TANK. I decided from the moment I saw this graphic that it was the best design I had ever seen. I have the tee, and its my absolute FAVORITE! That shirt has seen the world! I see this tank on all of my Maui adventures. I would wear it for lunch in Paia, paired with my studded mini; and it would be the shirt I would wear over my bikini before a waterfall hike or a tandem surf sesh with my man. Put it under a leather or denim jacket, and its instantly mainland-proof. I cant wait to add this baby to my arsenal of Sugarhigh and Lovestoned pieces.

    3- VEST - I have this vision of this vest over a skin-tight, sleeveless, black mini dress with some black leather boots with matching good hardware. Its so edgy, sexy, and badass! This vest would be the ultimate statement piece for a night out on the town; for bars, dancing, and concerts. Or with jeans and a burnout tank during the day! To put it plainly, there's no where this vest shouldn't be.

    p.s. I'm so proud of you girls! This collections is absolutely fucking amazing! I can't wait to rock it all over :)

  20. 1. Studded mini- I would wear this to my Calculus class to make nerds drool
    2. Studded Rolling Stoner Shirt- I assume I'd wear this when I'm getting high with Mick Jagger
    3. Studded front panty- I would wear this when I seduce Julian Casablancas


  21. 1. "Ass Cash or Grass Tank" This year my friends and I are picking up, screwing the world, getting in a beaten-up kombi and driving around Australia. This'd be the first thing I chucked on after skinny dipping in the ocean, sprawling in the sun on the beach and then hitch-hiked to the night-time beach parties at the Gold Coast. I’d wear it wherever I went, sharing the ‘ass cash or grass' love as I met new people, heard new music and went places that I’d never been before. It’d wear it til it was worn thin by the wind, bleached by the sun, cigarette burnt and until the last threads were swept off my back.
    2. "Sold my Soul for Rock n Roll" - This would be all I wore if I got it. Pants optional ;)
    3. Rolling Stoner -Cropper. Id wear this lying on top of the kombi, feeling the sun on my tummy and the wind on my titties while my friends jammed out on their guitars or crooned to the red hot chili peppers. No better way of spending the summer time :)

  22. 1. ASS, CASH OR GRASS TANK- This is what i want my ex boyfriend to see me in the first time he sees me again!
    2.MAKE OUT NOT WAR, STUDDED- I Would wear this to the Fuck Ya Fest in Los angeles this weekend! (please let me!!)
    3. VEST- DO i have to say where i would wear this? EVERYWHERE. I may get in trouble for outfit repeats if i owned this!

  23. so excited i can't concentrate on writing ;)

    1. although it's hard to pick a favorite piece when the whole collection is your favorite, i'm going with the SOLD MY SOUL STUDDED TEE as number one..being 29 but feeling and acting like still in your teens doesn't necessary mean you're immature, in my case it means i've sold my soul for rock& wearing this sexy rockish tee around would tell everyone who doesn't know me yet who i really am..festival season behind me, but wether it's hard core pro pain gig, legendary melvins or local favorite rock bands (which i'm all planning to see in near future), this tee would rock in the front row and yes, if any luck, would hopefully bring me backstage ;)
    2. definitely studded VEST, it was the first thing i've noticed from your stuff so i instantly began digging deeper just to discover the whole other treasure pieces..wearing this to soon-coming biker meeting would not only finally make me feel like i'm a legitimate part of the gang, but the sexiest thing at the party with the sexiest and coolest rocking biker vest ever.
    3. black STUDDED MINI, matched with my favorite pair of chuks or biker boots..mmmm..if there would be anyone left who haven't noticed me before in my studded vest or sold my soul tee, i think this mini would be a final turning point.

    p.s. i don't have to say that i would wear these stuff even more prouder because i'm sure i'd be the first to have these beauties in this part of the world..and boasting about it and introducing you guys to the crowd over here..well, i'm already imagining it ;)

    kissez from croatia.!!

  24. 1.quit bitchin' start a rev- id wear this to anti war protests i have gone to!

    2. Ass cash or grass- any freakin festival! haha im sure to get one of those ;)

    3. I sold my soul for rock n' roll- because litterally, i did!

  25. 1. Make Out Not War! Would wear this ALL the time with something tight/short/both on the bottom, and boots. LA needs to see a lot of this shirt.

    2. Studded vest, to throw a wrench in the spokes of an otherwise girlie outfit

    3. Studded skirt. For playing roller derby, of course (there's no better combination than studs, fishnets, and bruises!)

  26. 1. Studded mini-that skirt is amazingly HOT, I would wear that everyday of my life if I could. Pretty sure my boyfriend would die if he saw this on me. Not to mention I would love to wear it to a show here in a few weeks!!
    2. Make out not war- I'd wear that with a tight colored skirt with a pair of studded JC's for a night out with the boy.
    3. Studded back bralet- This bralet is amazing and very hot..and pretty sure the boyfriend would love to see that on!

  27. 1) QUIT BITCHIN SLOUCHY TEE - This would have to be my first choice, and it could come at a more opportune time in my part of the planet. Would definitely be rocking this brilliant shirt in.... my office. You wouldn't believe it but in the studio I work in, people are far too comfortable to comply with "the man" and then moan about the system. Well I say BUCK THE SYSTEM! If you want change, don't moan about it - Rally for it and start a revolution!

    2) SOLD MY SOUL, STUDDED - Gotta be smutting this mad shirt at Splashy Fen music festival in the Drakensberg Mountains, rocking out to the sounds of South Africa's best local bands in the heat & spray painted gumboots.

    3) STUDDED MINI - My my what a work of art, if this doesn't belong on me jamming hard to the beats of Niskerone in the blistering hot Engine Room of Origin in Durban then I don't know what does!

  28. Alright I missed the vote once the Quit your bitchin was added in but for fun an flavor ;) I'd wear the QUIT YOUR BITCHIN T everywhere!!!! I'd dance on top the bar with authority, then cool off with a nice fall dance in the rain! Pointing to my chest I'd make my way to the front row of every show...and righteous protest...people gotta know and the message needs to be spread...I'd love that pleasure. <3

  29. 1. Make Out Not War Studded.... because it goes with me hedonist philosophy. This shirt would accompany me to all of my life's adventures. It would be worn while I'm smoking a joint around a campfire with my best friends, crowdsurfing at music festivals, dancing in the front row, skating, laughing, playing, loving, LIVING! Life is meant be lived. You're supposed to kiss the boy, skip the class, get the tattoo, make the bad decisions and wake up at 2pm with no regrets. Clothes are meant to be lived in, they are connected to memories and I can see my craziest memories being attached to this badass tank.

    2. Sold My Soul for Rock n Roll studded because rock n roll is in my blood stream! I'm talking about the lates and greats. I'm talking Dylan, Hendrix, James Brown, Johnny Cash, The Beatles. I'm talking about woodstock circa 1969. I'm talking classic rock, punk rock, Southern rock, jam bands, the blues. This is a shirt made to be worn with the music. On stage, or front row. Shredding the electric or making out with the drummer. I can see myself moonwalking to MJ or jamming to the black keys. This shirt covers the spectrum of rock n roll. It's about music and freedom and happiness flowing out our pours. This is a shirt made to be worn in the sunshine, long boarding to the next beach bar with my messy salt water hair and sun kissed skin. This is a shirt made for my lifestyle.

    Studded mini....because it's ORGASMIC! It's important to have an outfit that makes a statement for when your mouth is busy making out. This already makes me feel like a bad mamma jamma. This is a life-of-the-party skirt. This is a own-every-room-you-walk-into skirt. This is a dance on the bar, drink absinth, go skinny dipping in the pacific, flash a stranger, hit the bong, and start all over again. This is wild nights and summer drives. xoxo

  30. Ok i'm just going to keep this simple and truthful...

    1. The Rollin Stoner Studded is a freakin awesome tank i'd wear it all day, everyday on my road trip across Europe so i could show it off to the world.
    2. The vest, i'd definitely wear that to every single beach rooftop party i throw because it totally makes you look like a complete badass.
    3. I'd wear the Studded Mini whenever i'd be out the whole night, downtown, at a club or wherever. It's a huge statement and everyone would be looking at that skirt and i'd just be like "Sugar High and Love Stoned go check it out".

  31. first i want to say that i´m totally obsessed with every fucking piece of your whole collection! great job! I´m looking forward to ur next pieces!

    I´m soooo in love with this great tee and love the cut-out on both sides! It looks so fine and comfortably so I would like to wear it now!
    I´d would wear it when i´m with my boyfriend - he would love it ehehe

    2. < VEST
    totally great! i´d wear it in school as well as when i´m going out! i´d pair it with somes shreddert jeans shorts and a clearly white tank top and lots of ringssssss<3

    so nice! soooo nice! i love these kind of combination with dark and reflecting colours and it must look so fantastig with some cowboy boots and jeans clothessss

    ! i waaant a shop from u in VIENNA. pls! i´m addictet to ur clothes!
    niiiiice austrian kisses

  32. Oh shit. This is the best giveaway ever!

    1. STUDDED MINI IN BLACK. I fucking love this skirt! I'd wear it everywhere, but the perfect occasion have to be at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert i'm going to. I never thought that i would see them over here in Sweden but i was wrong. I really want this to be the perfect night so i have to wear this skirt!

    2. MAKE OUT NOT WAR, STUDDED. I'd wear this in school so that all my friends could see this awesome tank!

    3. Last but not least i choose the VEST because it's so damn hot! I'd probably wear it to some outdoor party. I can see myself sitting by the fire with some randoms wearing this badass vest!

  33. 1. .:.QUIT BITCHIN SLOUCHY.:. TEE/would be worn to drop my 6 year old off at school because I know it would piss the teacher off
    2. .:. STUDDED FRONT PANTY.:./would be worn while I do the dishes in really high heels
    3. .:. STUDDED MINI .:./would be worn on a super hot date.

    Could I wear all three of these at the same time?


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